I am a reliable project/product manager and software engineer with experience in both startup environments and large organizations. I am also a passionate conference speaker on music technology, and an expert in creating online communities. I'm able to think strategically and then deliver on that vision.


I can:
  • Think strategically
  • Lead a team to victory
  • Code very well in Ruby
  • Code very well in PHP
  • Code pretty well in Javascript
  • Code well in Java
  • Design a mean database schema (or NoSQL equivalent)
  • Build a compelling user interface that's as easy to use as it is elegant
  • Draft up a solid spec

I've been building Web applications since 1998, and since 2004, I have been working in depth with the open source, PHP based Drupal content management framework. I am a contributor to the project and am the maintainer of several Drupal modules, including the audio module, and the yahoo maps module. Since 2006, I've been building web apps using Ruby and the Rails framework and loving it. Lately, I'm pretty stoked on micro-frameworks like Sinatra, Bottle and Limonade and nosql solutions like MongoDB

In addition to web development, I know a little about Computational Linguistics and a little more about Agent Based Modeling. These topics get me pretty excited.

Projects and Previous Work

bird herd

BirdHerd is a Twitter app that makes it ridiculously easy for teams and groups to manage and update a single Twitter account, using only direct messages. Gearman handles all the complex scheduling of jobs.

Accounts are free for now, but "pro" accounts featuring a subscription model will come online later in 2010.

BirdHerd has been getting some good initial press from publishers like TechCrunch ReadWriteWeb and CNET

Twitter Apps
bird herd

I love writing quick little apps that use the Twitter API. It's awesome how a little bit of code can get you a long way. Here are a few of my favorites.

WhistlerBot takes advantage of a data feed from the best ski hill in North America (Whistler/Blackcomb) and updates the Twitter account @whistlerbot when lifts change state (open, standby, close, etc.)

i haz follow lets you see if two people follow each other, and if that relationship is reciprocal

Shamedonkey is a humerous experiment in collaborative filtering using tweets as a voting mechanism. You can read more about how it works here.


I'm a Co-Founder of Rilli. Rilli is an exciting web application that will change people's relationship with their city, their friends and the way they see them both. In addition to everything one does when starting a company, I am also acting as Lead Software Engineer/CTO/Wrangler of Ruby Code. Rilli is currently live. Why not try it out!

The High Line

The High Line is a new public park in the heart of NYC, built on top of an abandoned rail line. The High Line needed a new content management system that would grow with them, and Drupal was selected as the ideal candidate. The site features custom Flickr and YouTube integration, donation and membership modules, and an ecommerce section built with Ubercart.

The Cross Decor & Design
the cross

The Cross Decor and Design wanted to take their successful real world store online, and Magento was selected as the best candidate for the job. The new site features some customizations to streamline the customer experience as well as some WordPress integration. The site is taking orders now!


I was CTO and founder of GoodSense is a highly targeted online advertising network for consumers who care about living green, the environment, and sustainability. GoodSense provides advertisers with the opportunity to reach influential green consumers through well-vetted and relevant ads placed on thought-leading websites. GoodSense also donates a big chunk of revenue each month to groups working to save our planet. Good ads, good sense. The consumer facing portion of the GoodSense site is powered by WordPress, while a customized OpenX installation powers the ad network itself.


DeepRockDrive is a revolutionary social networking site that is built for fans of live music. Music fans can 'petition' their favorite artists to perform, and when enough site members vote on that petition, the artist is booked for a live (and interactive) in studio performance. These interactive performances are broadcast through the internet in realtime to anywhere from 1,000 live viewers on up. DeepRockDrive sells tickets to these live shows and the revenue is split 50/50 with the artist.

I've been involved in DeepRockDrive all the way from drinks at SXSW with the founder when the project was still only a concept, through many design and strategy meetings, to the development of an initial prototype, to the build out of the production site and live infrastructure. The site is now live and gathering much attention, from such notable sources as TechCrunch and others.

During my year and a half working on the project, my many roles included: Lead Developer, Project Manager, Community Strategy Consultant, Interaction Designer, and most importantly - Number 1 Fan.


I was a partner and worked for a year and a half at Bryght, starting up the first commercial Drupal hosting business. Now it's possible for anyone to come to the Bryght site, and with the click of a button, create their own Drupal installation on our infrastructure. No mess. No fuss. No Database configuration necessary.

At Bryght I also was the lead developer and project/product manager on several Drupal based projects, including building a web front end and job submission/queuing mechanism for the worlds first commercial Quantum computer at D-Wave Systems, consulting work Warner Bros. advising on how to set up their artist websites, and even some nifty maps integration on Lee LeFever's travel site The World Is Not Flat.

Bryght was acquired by Raincity Studios in 2007.


Using the Drupal content management system, I was able to put together a feature rich tourism site for ecotour operator Alltournative.com. This particular Drupal implementation lets site administers add new pages, products, change the price on tours, and set various discounts and special offers. Make sure to check out the jQuery enabled eCommerce page!

Investing Is Simple

I built a stock recommendation system for Investing Is Simple that uses the (thinly documented) Yahoo Finance web services API to do period syncs to a local MySQL database. The Investing Is Simple algorithm (which isn't so simple) runs nightly on a local MySQL database to produce an IIS score that is presented to a user. The score is based on a number of factors, including a comparison of how any given company is doing in relation to its peers in similar industries. Bonus of the month - I was able to create my own MySQL database of stock data to play with in my free time. Genetic Algorithms anyone?

Emily Carr University of Art and Design

At the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Canada's leading art school, I developed a learning management system (LMS) that matched ECUAD’s non-traditional teaching style. The learning platform was built as a set of reusable components, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of a diverse set of course offerings while still being quick to set up. It was built using the Open Sources technologies MySQL, PHP, Smarty and PEAR as well as CSS, XHTML and JavaScript.

I also customized and deployed a school wide community site that quickly gained popularity. As of last count, over 50,000 posts had been made by students and faculty.

Lastly, I scoped and built several internal applications to streamline workflow and improve employee productivity.

Vision Database Inc.

I created an online movie location database (PHP/MySQL), for the location scouting company Vision Database Inc. The site features a secure ecommerce module that accepts payment for images, as well as a subscription based payment system for access to a 'project room', where users can add production notes, news items, movie clips of actors, and more. A comprehensive administration section lets authorized location scouts upload pictures and information for new locations. The system is built as a easy to install package, and Vision is actively marketing the software system to other location scouting companies throughout North America and Europe.