Posted on: August 30, 2005 in Technology, Music

SXSW2006 Panel Ideas

I noticed that the deadline for submitting panel ideas to SXSW is coming up in September. Perhaps it’s just because I can’t decide whether I’m a musician who can code, or a coder who can play music, but I would love to watch (or better, participate!) in a panel that manages to span both the music and interactive technology portions of SXSW. I think it would be interesting to hear a discussion about ways musicians and artists can effectively use the Internet to build online communities and to distribute their works to these communities. The flip side would be looking at the technical challenges involved with providing ‘friendly’ tools to allow musicians to accomplish these goals. As a corollary, I think it would also be fascinating to talk about how blogging, sites like, and technology in general is changing the way people locate and consume new music.
In my dream world, I would love to gather an articulate musician or two, some interesting technologists (and some who excel at both) and see what comes out.
If anyone is interested in trying to put something together along these lines, please contact me!


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    Chris Messina Says:

    Hey man, I’m down. Why don’t you push for an “open music” panel? Get Farsheed to come… and have Music for America tap Moby for you. They’ve got the in, why not make use of it?

  2. 2
    Tom Conrad Says:

    I’m in.. let’s figure out what to propose. Drop me an email.

    CTO @ Pandora

  3. 3
    Gus Austin Says:

    Hey Colin,

    Came across this post ~ maybe there’s some common ground?

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