Posted on: September 27, 2006 in PHP, Technology

Back from Brussels

So I’m back in San Francisco after returning from Brussels and one insane week packed with conferences. (EuroOSCON, GovCamp, DrupalCon, and BarCampBrussels). I’m exhausted, but buzzing with excitement. There are just too many people doing interesting things in this world.

Next up: San Fran Drupaler’s should unite and throw something serious down at the upcoming Yahoo! Hack Day. I’d like to go, so if there are other Drupal heads in attendance, I’d love to work on any kind of hack involving Drupal, Yahoo! maps, concert data, and Send me a shout if you’re interested!

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    David Humphries Says:

    Night time boredom had me google an old friend’s name…. Sitting at a computer in a darkened room with my sleeping 2 month old boy on my belly. Cool to read you’re doing well. I married a girl from Menlo Park so we make it down to the Bay quite a bit–love it. We’re in Vancouver both finishing off masters, but will likely move to Cali soon to teach. Hope you’re settling in to life in the City. All the best Colin, Dave Humphries

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