Posted on: July 26, 2005 in PHP, Technology, Coding

Blink Sale

I love the new basecamp-ish look of the blinksale accounting program. As a freelancer, I am horrible at keeping my billing straight, and this online application looks like a fantastic solution. The invoices are sharp and stylish, the interface is filled with AJAX goodness, iCal and RSS integration; What’s not to like?!

It seems like there are now a number of web applications whose feature set and usability levels rival (and surpass) those of their desktop competitors. I actually prefer the Gmail interface to that of many desktop email clients, and from my brief look at blinksale, it seems to be easier to use then many desktop accounting programs. Exciting times for web development!

So I have tried to automate my billing with blinksale this month, and have been unsuccessful. There was no place for me to enter my GST number, or any other additional fields that I required. Maybe I have to upgrade to the non-free account to accomplish this, but at this point I have lost my enthusiasm. Sigh… Back to Excel templates.

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    TechCrunch Says:

    Profile - Blinksale

    Company: Blinksale
    Launched: July 26, 2005
    Location: Texas
    Want an easier way to manage invoices? Blinksale is for you. And even if it isn’t, take a minute and check out their site. It is visually and functionally stunning. It oozes …

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    James Walker Says:

    so… did you ever try blinksale? can you recommend it?

  3. 3
    Colin Brumelle Says:

    Other then a quick “kick of the tires”, I haven’t really given it a good test yet. For my next batch of invoicing though, I plan on giving it a try… I’ll let you know what I think.

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    Hornswaggled Again Says:

    I was thinking of using it for my small business. Ive been using office invoiceing templates and send them out by hand with a quick note. Have you been using this awhile??

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    Barry Monette Says:

    It seems easy and paperless - but how do you do your accounting, build customer profiles, etc. ?

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