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If bands were operating systems

After the recent news regarding Metallica’s prima dona behavior, where they’ve forced bloggers to remove (positive) reviews of their new album, I’ve drafted the following chart to help my fellow geeks understand the lay of the land.

Metallica == Microsoft (closed, proprietary systems, active disdain for customers)
Radiohead == Apple (just works, listens to customers)
Trent Reznor == Linux (totally hackable, but can be tricky to configure)

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Pandora takes on the desktop

Pandora has just released a new (Adobe AIR based) desktop client, and it’s pretty cool. Congrats to Tom and the rest of the team!

We’ve always wanted to find a simple way to deliver Pandora as a desktop application — it’s probably been on our to do list longer than any single feature. Today we’re dipping our toe into those waters for the first time with the release of a Beta version of Pandora Desktop.

Grab it here!

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