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DRM battles…

The issues surrounding DRM seem to be heating up, especially in Scandinavia. Public protests and flash mobbings like those put on by DRM activist group Defective By Design are adding pressure as well. I’d like to see more economists and politicians stepping up to the plate, and maybe these recent events will serve as a catalyst. The roar from the crowd is getting louder, but still, most of my non-tech friends (yes, I have a few) have never even heard of DRM

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Remix the Ladies tracks

The Barenaked Ladies might not be at the top of the indy rock heap, but I am continually impressed by this bunch of talented and articulate (and Canadian) musicians. In addition to Steven Page’s vocal and insightful stance on copyright in Canada, the Ladies are releasing bonus material for their new album online, and also giving fans a chance to remix tracks. Not the first time this has ever been done, but none the less, it shows commitment to ideals.

From the BNL blog:

“Do as you will with them - remix them, use them as the background for your home movies, blare them out of your car stereo (just don’t sell them). Send your remixes back to us (and feel free to share them, too), and we’ll choose our 5 favourites, which we’ll release on a charity-benefit download.”

Pretty cool…

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I’ve been playing with Songbird recently (which I’ve talked about before), and although it’s still pretty rough around the edges (as in spontaneous crashes and lockups), I have seen the future. I just love the feeling of making playlists of web resources as I cruise through some of my favorite music blogs.

It’s great to be able to “collect*” songs for later as well, and I love how easy it is to schedule songs for download in Songbird. Like all good products it takes an activity that is normally time consuming and repetitive and makes it easy. I’m sure the RIAA is probably cringing, but with so many new companies tackling the music recommendation space, I think Songbirds real strength lies in music acquisition (although it also encourages exploration and discovery too, of course).

A while ago I grabbed a wicked one liner from Jeffery Veen that downloads all the mp3’s from a given URL:

wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -A.mp3 -erobots=off

I’ve occasionally been using this to grab mp3’s from a blog, but Songbird may finally put my rudimentary tools to rest. I think this product will really change my listening and browsing patterns, at least once the Mac version is released ;)

And hey, Songbird even uses Drupal! Which reminds me… if any Songbird folk read this, and if they ever need a hand with any Drupal/music hackery, give us a call!

* see: steal, pirate, abscond, pilfer, purloin

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